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Just in case you didn't know, TLA will be on Local 101 on what people like to call Q101 tonight. Don't ask me about the station though, I have to listen to Ryan Seacrest on the radio. It would be mega cool if someone could, you know, record this or something like that for the people who don't get Q101.

And here is a link to part of  (I assume) their JBTV interview from a few weeks ago. It's a fairly entertaining interview where they talk about their videos. But I was more disturbed by the fact that the interviewer looks just like my english teacher, but without the beard. It's uncanny.
ANYWAY, here is the link to the mp3 of that same interview, just in case you want to listen to the same interview...on the go.

And how was the FuelTV performance? I'm kinda behind the times with my nokia non-flip phone as I watch Dawson's Creek. I'm quite interested to know or someone could possibly upload this or something.
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